Betsoft is built from the ground up to provide an unmatched iGaming experience for players and a seamlessly running operation for commercial casino operators. Our globally located staff works tirelessly to produce the very best games on the market. From our Development Team to Management, Quality Assurance to our Customer Support staff, every department is focused on the highest levels of excellence in all that we do.

Account Management

Betsoft offers a full suite of services that help support our casino operators worldwide. Our primary goal is to help each of our clients provide every one of their players with outstanding igaming experiences. Our skilled team is spread across the globe. Together they work tirelessly to produce and support the world’s very best online casino games, servicing a wide variety of operators throughout numerous regions. Our entire staff, from management to our development quality Assurance and customer support departments is dedicated to the tireless pursuit of excellence in all that we do.


While account managers are responsible for overseeing the daily needs of our operators, our skilled support specialists are uniquely qualified to sort through a wide variety of potential issues and respond to routine queries. These include everyday business concerns such as confirmation of wins, compilation of data history, examination of data logs, rapid error resolution and clearing pending wallet transactions, among others. Our swift and effective global support team is available any time, round the clock, 24-7. They offer highly personalized support to each and every one of operators, providing clients with any information or assistance that may be required at any given time.


Our talented team of marketing specialists is always available to help operators grow their businesses and keep their existing customers engaged. All of our industry-leading games are backed by a complete set of graphical assets, which can be used to create effective advertising campaigns across a wide variety of media and platforms including social and display networks, email campaigns and affiliate sites. In addition to the standard art packs provided with each of our titles, we are also available to assist with custom campaigns, through the creation of co-branded custom artwork or specialized assets.


A solid technical infrastructure is perhaps the most essential component of every successful online casino operation. Nevertheless, with so many different choices to make and moving parts to consider, getting this part of the business right can be challenging, particularly for operators with limited in-house IT resources and expertise. Our own technical staff is comprised of some of the industry’s most talented and skilled individuals, which is what allows us to offer access to a remarkably stable back end with an incredible average server uptime of 99.9%. This amazing team is willing and available to assist new and existing operators with a wide variety of technical requirements including migrations, new integrations and the cloning of individual casino sites, among others.