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Casino Manager

Casino Manager

The only business intelligence tool casino operators need for success. Fully modular and constantly evolving, Casino Manager provides the tools that help some of the world’s premiere casinos to run smoothly day-to-day.

Casino Manager offers a customisable, event driven engine to ensure smooth and organised operations. With an intuitive and easy to navigate UI, support staff are able to concentrate on maximising player engagement and minimising operating costs.

Casino Manager - Per-Session KPI Reporting

Per-Session KPI Reporting

Optimisation depends on reliable data collection and accurate reporting. Therefore, these serve as the cornerstones of our management platform. Betsoft’s state of the art Casino Manager is the only system on the market that offers advanced Per-Session Reporting and metrics. We have developed this unique technology in order to allow you to better manage your business by providing you with the metrics you need to track your players and revenue more effectively.

Our reporting tools far exceed our competitors’ offer. Whether you run a small gaming portal or a full service online casino, our platform includes a best-in-class feature set that leaves nothing to chance. Control your inventory, wager limits, individual players, agents and view your figures, all within one convenient, easy to use interface.

Casino Manager - Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Intelligently designed financial reporting ensures that daily reports are generated swiftly, easily and accurately. Integrated controls allow the data to be sub-analysed into appropriate periods as required. With almost all data in the reports hot-linked to important associated information, fine detail is always just a click away.

All reports can be dumped to a local spreadsheet or database compatible file for further analysis as required. Built in auto-reconciliation controls between the main transactional and game databases ensure data consistency and immediately highlight potential issues for prompt resolution.

Casino Manager - Game Reporting

Game Reporting

Betsoft’s Game Reporting tool acknowledges and provides the different style of reports required across different situations. Comprehensive real time reporting can be provided by game or player; by summary; session-by-session and/or detailed event-by-event basis. Automatic Game Auditing provides real-time statistical analysis of individual game results and highlights.

Operators using this tool can also control inventory; set wager limits; track individual players and track and control individual games/sessions. With inbuilt support for multiple currencies, third party audits, regulatory reports and industry-leading availability, Betsoft’s Game Reporting tool is one of the more advanced offers available, especially in cases of dispute.

Casino Manager - Alert System

Alert System

Should a player dispute arise, our Automatic Game Auditing allows clients to access statistical analysis of game results and highlights, thus immediately resolving queries. Events are displayed in a real-time administrator customisable alert log, with optional visible and audio alarms. Support administrators are alerted of significant occurrences as they happen.