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Your Success Depends on Your Team

Your Success Depends on Your Team

Anastasia Bauer, Head of Account Management, Betsoft Gaming, discusses the importance of ensuring Betsoft reaches its goals though professionalism, individual support and direction. Building and retaining the right teams to enable the company to deliver is critical. Read on to find out what this means for Betsoft’s people and its products.

Cultivate Effective Leadership

As a leading casino entertainment provider, Betsoft believes in promoting from within. Offering continuous training, feedback and acknowledgement is essential to foster talent and ensure that staff can access a visible Betsoft career path. It’s people who build the business; so making sure you both enable and retain your staff creates the best foundation for success.

Working as a remote company with staff in different time zones requires immense organisation skills. Taking responsibility for delivering a framework that is both robust and flexible is essential for open communication and individual autonomy. The key is trust. Good teams work best when they trust each other.

By building trust and consequently ensuring that each team member feels valued, their contribution delivers an enhanced service through improved understanding of the clients’ business models and requirements. In this way, you create a win/win situation: not only are staff empowered and appreciated but clients see an uplift in every aspect – from quality new product development to customer service.

Be a Leader Not a Boss

Ensuring that your team feels both supported and empowered is best achieved through leading by example. Setting ambitious but realistic targets and objectives encourages your team to out-perform and over-deliver through professional pride in a job well done.

A hands on management style means the whole team takes a more proactive role. This has made a difference across Betsoft. We have seen a significant uplift in both new client signings and extensions to existing contracts with a strengthened presence in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and across Eastern Europe.

Take Responsibility and Ensure Delivery

This commitment to an improved client service has been visible in our latest Cash Race Network Promotion. The entire team worked 24/7 across the Promo period to ensure seamless delivery of one of the most successful commercial promotions ever.

Cash Race used both Take the Prize™ and Tournament player enhancement tools simultaneously across 45+ top performing slots. The result was a very significant uplift of 55%+ player participation, 56%+ rounds played, plus 50%+ up on bets placed.

Take the Prize and Tournament are key parts of Drive, our toolbox for player enhancement and promotions. Both customisable tools can be applied separately or together and are designed to bring in-game experiences with real-time notifications, instant rewards and a highly inventive UI for the ultimate user experience.

Take the Prize™ offers a randomly triggered fortune wheel with cash prizes or bonuses at any point in a game, whilst Tournament is aimed at a competitive, high value player base and brings substantial prize potential alongside frequent wins. It also shows leader boards on each game which constantly update in real-time. This allows players to track their own and other players’ progress throughout any promotion to add to the excitement.

Based on this success, another promotion is currently in development alongside a new promotional tool, with more details to be available soon.

Never Work in a Silo

Working with the other departments and providing clear, concise and relevant information creates a ‘can do’ environment. Open communication is important and organisation is key.

Without a framework, innovations and creativity can get lost. Holding both one-to-one and regular group video call meetings, brainstorming and group discussions means that everyone has a voice.

A cross referencing system for client feedback and industry news helps foster creative team collaboration and ensures that new ideas are heard. This has improved feedback throughout the company, providing an uplift in data quality

With Product, Marketing and Tech Departments all collaborating, Betsoft’s innovations are data driven and translate into successful additions to the product and brand.

Our new bonus feature ‘Hold & Win’ is a great example as shown in Golden Dragon Inferno™. When you trigger this feature, you get three re-spins and the triggering symbols become sticky. Each new Bonus symbol then locks into place and resets the re-spins back to three; so players can collect multiple Bonus symbols to trigger the really significant wins.

The excitement this generates throughout the game is immense. Unsurprisingly, the slot has been a No.1 across continent and demographic since release. We have further games in production using the Hold & Win Bonus feature, with new Red Dragon™ release – Phò’ Sho™ – due out in June.

Betsoft has also seen a distinct uplift in both award nominations and awards won for its releases following the new feedback systems. From a personalised casino experience in Wilds of Fortune™ – which won two separate awards – to the  progression slot Alkemor’s Elements™ and overall for RNG Casino slots, our highlighted trends have paid dividends.

Encourage Strategic Dialogue

Competitor and industry insights and assessments are always shared to ensure knowledge and to drive critical thinking. Inviting your team to think around products, strategies and developments delivers a creative response and one that is still in tune with your goals.

Based on this thinking, we have recently added Mini Games to our portfolio. These create opportunities for our clients to cross sell to their players for an enhanced experience, whilst introducing a potentially brand new player base to our products.

Delivering all the features and win potential of standard slots but with superfast loading, lightweight deployment and optimised sizing, there are 15 of our top performing slots, two with Jackpot options, to choose from.

The initial response from clients has been even better than expected and so we are currently optimising another tranche of releases.

Continuously Refine the Product Offering

Innovation. A much used word but an essential element for all business success through constantly improving your offering.

Our new Crash game, Triple Cash or Crash, is designed to deliver a new level of social gaming. We have amplified the excitement and opportunities to win in this slot: three separate astronauts give three separate chances to hit the big one if players eject even one of them before the rocket crashes.

With the stats from other players showing on screen, you can apply strategy or just get lucky with one spin, making the game hugely engaging across multiple demographics and styles of play.

Each astronaut can be bet on separately and ejected individually in a potentially unique feature. With this option to spread the risk, added to the three astronauts tripling the winning chances, plus the staggering 100,000x max bet win potential, we are expecting a very positive reception.

We also reviewed our jackpot tool last year to ensure smoother play and better win opportunities for our players. Through melding Progressive Jackpots with themed releases, we offered Rags to Witches™ for Halloween, Sleighin’ It™ for Christmas and Hearts Desire™ for Valentine’s to enable our clients to capitalise on their marketing strategies. Our next jackpot release is a table game slot –Supreme 777 Jackpots™. This is a fantastic mix of classic Blackjack with side features to really ramp up the win potential.

With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, Betsoft has a strong reputation for the quality of its releases. However, this is always a work in progress that relies on the people who are part of the team.

Each new product, system or idea starts with them and their commitment to always keeping Betsoft at the top of its game. When a company takes care of its employees, it shows.

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