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Find Wealth and Wonder with FAERIE SPELLS

Find Wealth and Wonder with FAERIE SPELLS

Peer beneath the leaves and ferns to find a domain of dark wonders in Faerie Spells – a unique take on traditional fairytales, and the latest feature-packed slot game from Betsoft Gaming, due for imminent releaseHere in the undergrowth, a royal family of Faeries rules over a roster of woodland spirits, and holds the keys to a hidden workshop where potent potions can grant players’ wildest desires.

Powered by Betsoft’s proprietary TRAIL SYSTEM, Faerie Spells is centred around an extremely deep free spins bonus game.  Despite the Faerie Queen’s micro-scale, her workshop holds the keys to large, life-changing jackpots that are shared between this game and others in the Betsoft portfolio.

When three or more Queen symbols appear on-screen at once, players are led into the royal laboratory, where tubes and vials have been set up to collect ingredients as they cascade down from the top of the screen in magical showers.  Seated at the Faerie Queen’s workbench for up to 25 free spins, players collect droplets that contribute to one of four-tiered potion recipes: Riches, Wealth, Luxury, and Plenty.

As players around the world brew these jackpot recipes, their value is also being enhanced by players of other select Betsoft games, which share a common prize pool.  When the corks are popped from these concoctions, the payouts will be fit for a Queen!

Faerie Spells is a distinctive game in many ways,” explains Annamaria Anastasi, Marketing Director for Betsoft.  “Unlike other fairytale slots, which focus on the lighter side, Faerie Spells is true to the original intent of these kinds of fables.  We wanted to transport players to a world of darkness and mystery, immersing them in the superstitions and traditions that underpin some of the richest traditional stories in every culture.  At the same time, we also set out to solidify Betsoft’s position at the cutting edge of innovation in iGaming, with tiered, progressive jackpots shared between different titles, and a standard of artwork, audio, gameplay and presentation that continues to redefine slot gaming.”


About Betsoft Gaming:

Betsoft Gaming develops innovative casino games for desktop and mobile.  Its portfolio of more than 190 RNG titles reaches players through partnerships with many of the iGaming industry’s leading operators.  Under the SLOTS3TM banner, Betsoft is elevating players’ expectations; these cinematic slots blend rapid, gratifying gameplay with an audio-visual excellence more typical of movies and videogames.

An early entrant to mobile gaming, Betsoft launched the ToGoTM collection in 2012.  More recently, Betsoft revealed the ShiftTM environment, which supports truly cross-platform development at the same time as increasing performance, drastically reducing file size and streamlining integration.

Casino Manager, Betsoft’s comprehensive back-office platform, rolls reporting, management, marketing, promotion, and administration into a single compelling package.

Betsoft has held a Class 4 license with the Malta Gaming Authority since 2014.  The company’s games and RNG are both independently certified in more than 15 different regulated markets, including Italy, Germany, and Romania.

Contact [email protected] or visit www.betsoft.com for general information and enquiries.  For press and marketing enquiries, email [email protected].

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