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Driving Change to Maintain Our Competitive Edge – Find out How Betsoft Keeps One Step Ahead

Driving Change to Maintain Our Competitive Edge – Find out How Betsoft Keeps One Step Ahead

In conversation with 5 Star – Fernando discusses how his long-term industry experience enables him to drive change and growth. Read on to discover what’s coming next.

A New Way of Thinking and Working

Staff and their know-how are amongst the most critical elements for business success. At Betsoft, we put our people first, providing internal structures and support. We are always open to new talent to keep our offer at premier levels. In addition to my role, we have recently on boarded new product designers. We are all building on solid foundations but driving a new way of working to deliver.

These recent changes to the Product Team have already seen a reassessment of our games to create even greater engagement and resonance with our players. From how we communicate the gameplay with on screen instructions to variation in ways to win and the win potential, no element has been overlooked.

Using Our Skillset to Deliver Success

Balancing out themes and visual representations with volatility levels, maths models and innovative features requires a number of different skillsets to create truly immersive slots with significant life cycles. Product led growth for increased output but still our recognisable quality and signature style is the result. This also ensures that we deliver new client opportunities and extensions to partnerships based on guaranteed drivers of growth and player engagement.

Naturally, our long term strategy is to build and increase our reach across new demographics and markets whilst reinforcing our presence in existing ones. Creating differentiation is key: we are on schedule with our goals – as players will get to experience in our latest roadmap.

Upcoming Releases From the Q4 Roadmap

The early part of the year saw us nominated for several prestigious awards but Q4’s offering is even more exciting so we are expecting great things from these slots.

Triple Lucky 8’sis a classic fruit game with a Betsoft ‘twist’ and very high volatility. This is scheduled for November. Designed to appeal to both old school and new to iGaming players, the slot machine concept is universally recognised and appreciated when delivered with style. Triple Lucky 8’s is fast paced, stylish and uncomplicated. A recipe for success.

A more feature-rich offering comes with three Hold & Win led slots. Enchanted: Forest of Fortune mixes a magical theme with a multitude of features to keep the narrative unfolding with thrilling wins; whilst Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks is the long- awaited sequel to Tycoons and is a slot with larger-than-life characters and win potential.

Our sequels always deliver an enhanced experience with great new features but still develop the narrative for continuity and engagement. Players will enjoy seeing how the perception of ‘tycoons’ has not changed since the first release but how far gameplay has.

Hold & Win is Still a Game Changer

All our Hold & Win releases always offer additional features to really keep the anticipation and action at pitch level for players, including Free Spins, Multiplier Wilds, Nudging Multiplier Reels and the Buy Bonus. By combining these elements, not only is the win potential increased but also the variety of ways in which to win is too. We are anticipating a positive response from players and clients to these slots and especially our October release Rise of Triton.

This may be my personal favourite; the combination of Greek mythology with contemporary design overtones and luminous colours makes it a visual feast before you even spin the reels. With Hold & Win alongside a unique Buy Bonus, it is the definition of immersive play with more variety than ever on ways for players to win.

Our Next Developments

Since releasing our first Hold and Win slot, Golden Dragon Inferno™, we have seen this feature significantly impact numbers from rounds played, repeat plays and time spent in our Top Ten releases. New releases will showcase this feature but there is a lot more happening.

Bespoke Slots

Bespoke games have been a new direction for us across 2023. Working with our clients, our design team creates an iteration of the preferred Betsoft slot which uses the client’s brand and/or logo as part of the gameplay. We launched our first bespoke title with one of our preferred partners and have seen the game resonate with their player base already – and there are many more to come!

Combining the aesthetics from both companies ensures that players can receive truly exclusive and VIP experiences at the specific casino. Bespoke games are given considerable exposure by the operators which builds value, both in terms of strengthening our brand and positively affecting long-term earning potential. For us, adding value to our clients’ offering is part of our commitment to their success as well as pushing ourselves to deliver genuine innovation.

Designing a Tailored Experience

We commission data analysis to assess player retention. This gives invaluable insights into player behaviour and preferences, which enable informed decisions on design, marketing strategies, engagement tools and communication formats. Players and clients alike will see a more ‘tailored’ direction in our upcoming new releases as we seek to deliver a truly bespoke experience from branding, mechanics and features, RTP and volatility to player rewards and new themes.

A New Direction

Innovation is critical to the industry. We have recently delivered our successful iteration of crash gaming with Triple Cash or Crash™ plus our Mini Games.

We are excited about a new game direction we are currently trialling. Players can expect our usual high standards of design as well the inclusion of controls to be set across the game – including turbo play for a personalised experience – as we are gearing up to launch an ‘extreme chance’ style that mixes classic with our signature twist.

This is another new concept for us, alongside a number of initiatives to give our clients a continuously enhanced level of service. Follow us on Social Media and be the first to know as there’s always a lot going on at Betsoft and, this year, more than ever.

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