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BetsoftGaming Announces Unprecedented Dual Release of Latest 3D Game -|Under the Bed

BetsoftGaming Announces Unprecedented Dual Release of Latest 3D Game -|Under the Bed

Launching simultaneously in both the iconic, wildly successful Slots3 format as well as the revolutionary ToGo mobile format, Under the Bed tells players the story of young siblings Jesse and Jane as they contend with the four frightening monsters beneath the bed.

The game has exciting bonus features, such as the Sticky Wilds, which are invoked when a player gets a winning combination of monsters with the special yellow border. This leads to an amazingly-rendered cinematic, during which the monster hides in the reels before popping out to scare the player while they plays through the Sticky Wilds. Another bonus element is the second screen Free Spins mode. In the bonus round, players will choose cards that reveal scary monsters, culminating in the discovery of the Parents card, who then come in and soothe the children’s fears.

“This dual launch is unprecedented for the industry,” said Anthony Locke, Betsoft’s Head of Product Development. “No other company has ever before launched one 3D game in two formats simultaneously. We are always pushing our standards further and higher to bring the best true 3D cinematic games to the industry, and launching both versions of Under the Bed is a testament to our dedication and perseverance. Under the Bed, with its appealing characters and strong theme, is certain to become a favorite for traditional and mobile players alike.”

About BetsoftGaming:

BetsoftGaming, a Tier One developer and provider of online gaming software, remains the innovator and leader of true 3D cinematic gaming. With a game library of over 100 games including the iconic Slots3 series, BetsoftGaming has met and exceeded the quality found in console video games and animated feature films. BetsoftGaming’s extensive portfolio of clients include some of the top gaming operations in the industry.

For more information, please contact BetsoftGaming’s sales team at [email protected] or visit www.betsoftgaming.com.

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