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BetsoftGaming Announces Partnership with Kroon Casino

BetsoftGaming Announces Partnership with Kroon Casino

Under the terms of the partnership, Kroon Casino will be offering Betsoft’s iconic Slots3 catalogue, the fully 3D Poker3 and the ToGo line of mobile games to their players.

“Kroon Casino is a respected and established iGaming operation in the Netherlands,” said Anthony Locke, Betsoft’s Head of Product Development. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have been selected by such a revered and truly leading operation; having our unique, true 3D games showcased by Kroon Casino is a huge coup for us. Our games, with their thrilling 3D cinematic animations, engaging soundtracks and wide array of compelling themes, are sure to please and delight Kroon’s massive playerbase, especially the rapidly growing mobile sector.”

“As a key player in the Netherlands market, we know how to look for the level of quality we require in the games that we make available for our players,” said a Kroon Casino representative. “We feel it is imperative that we connect with top innovators in the industry, and that is why we chose to partner with BetsoftGaming, the undisputed leader of the 3D world. We are delighted to present these magnificent games to our players.”

About BetsoftGaming:

BetsoftGaming, broadly known as the innovator and leader of true 3D cinematic gaming, is a Tier One developer and provider of complete system online gaming software. With a game library of over 150 games including the iconic Slots3 series, BetsoftGaming has met and exceeded the quality found in console video games and animated feature films. Starting in 2012, Betsoft initiated a concentrated push into the mobile gaming sector, with many of their popular Slots3 games becoming available in that format. Betsoft began releasing the highly anticipated Slots3 Interactive line of games in mid-2013, representing the future of online slots gaming. BetsoftGaming’s extensive portfolio of clients includes some of the top gaming operations in the industry.

For more information, please contact BetsoftGaming’s sales team at [email protected] or visit www.betsoftgaming.com.

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