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BetsoftGaming Announces Partnership with Betaland

BetsoftGaming Announces Partnership with Betaland

“Betsoft is thrilled to be partnering with Betaland,” said Anthony Locke, Betsoft’s Head of Product Development. “Having our superior games recognized by such a noteworthy, trusted operation as Betaland once again proves that we are the foremost market pioneer in 3D cinematic gaming.”

“We are proud to announce our important partnership agreement with Betsoft, the undisputed leader in the development of 3D video slot machines,” said the CEO of Betaland. “As it becomes more apparent that our offering is in high demand, increasing this will help us to better serve our loyal customers. This is a strategic move that will give us an added edge. Betsoft offers a high quality product that will certainly further strengthen our market position.”

Betsoft’s broad offering of games is now live on betaland.com.

About BetsoftGaming:

BetsoftGaming, broadly known as the innovator and leader of true 3D cinematic gaming, is a Tier One developer and provider of complete system online gaming software. With a game library of over 150 games including the iconic Slots3 series, BetsoftGaming has met and exceeded the quality found in console video games and animated feature films. Starting in 2012, Betsoft initiated a concentrated push into the mobile gaming sector, with many of their popular Slots3 games becoming available in that format. BetsoftGaming’s extensive portfolio of clients include some of the top gaming operations in the industry.

For more information, please contact BetsoftGaming’s sales team at sales@betsoftgaming.com or visit www.betsoftgaming.com.

About Betaland:

Betaland is a trademark of New GVC Limited, a new and dynamic company in the field of sports betting and gambling. Betaland does not provide a simple service, but an entertainment experience for our users. Our Betaland was conceived as a privileged place where clients can turn their passion into play. We have long experience in the gaming industry and a strong focus on innovation. We offer a wide range of products and provide the utmost professionalism in the management of financial transactions and the highest standards of customer support.

Contact Betaland directly at info@betaland.com.

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