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BetsoftGaming Announces Newest Slots3™ and ToGo™ Game – Gypsy Rose

BetsoftGaming Announces Newest Slots3™ and ToGo™ Game – Gypsy Rose

The mobile version of the game, Gypsy Rose ToGo, joins Betsoft’s expanding collection of best of breed mobile iGaming entertainment.

Gypsy Rose is a five reel, thirty line true 3D video slot designed around the eponymous fortune teller’s mystical crystal ball, found only on the third reel, a key element in determining the various gameplay events. When affected by two or more matching icons, the crystal ball changes its focus to that same icon, allowing for a multitude of features with completely unique functionality. For example, The Crow will turn the crow symbols into Wilds before respinning the reels, and the Love Potion triggers a free spins mode. The Tarot Card allows the beautiful fortune teller to read the player’s fate in the exciting Tarot Card Bonus Round.

“With Gypsy Rose, we have taken a strong, classic theme imbued with compelling mystical elements,” said Name Lastname, Betsoft’s Head of Product Development. “These things are at the heart of every game’s individual success, and when they are built upon the foundations of true 3D cinematic quality that we have created, the best content in the industry is born. Gypsy Rose is just the latest page in a book full of amazing games, a book that becomes more popular as new titles are added.”

Gypsy Rose ToGo is optimized for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms while retaining all of the features and quality of the desktop version.

About BetsoftGaming:

BetsoftGaming, broadly known as the innovator and leader of true 3D cinematic gaming, is a Tier One developer and provider of complete system online gaming software. With a game library of over 150 games including the iconic Slots3 series, BetsoftGaming has met and exceeded the quality found in console video games and animated feature films. Starting in 2012, Betsoft initiated a concentrated push into the mobile gaming sector, with many of their popular Slots3 games becoming available as the ToGo collection. Betsoft began releasing the highly anticipated Slots3 Interactive line of games in mid-2013, representing the future of online slots gaming. BetsoftGaming’s extensive portfolio of clients includes some of the top gaming operations in the industry.

For more information, please contact BetsoftGaming’s sales team at [email protected] or visit www.betsoftgaming.com.

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