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Betsoft Gaming’s CMO, Renata Banyar speaks to 5 Star Media about keeping a heritage brand fresh through leveraging innovation

Betsoft Gaming’s CMO, Renata Banyar speaks to 5 Star Media about keeping a heritage brand fresh through leveraging innovation

Betsoft Gaming has a proud heritage in the iGaming industry due to the longevity of its brand and the strength of its slots’ offering. However, all reputations need to be maintained. Through innovation, originality and consistent delivery, Betsoft has recently overseen the creation and application of a raft of initiatives, including the successful delivery of new products, building a cohesive online identity and positively reinforcing the company culture and brand post pandemic.

Always putting the client first

A revised process for onboarding clients and ensuring that the partnership is efficiently run, mutually beneficial and hugely professional has been implemented. This has also meant that the services Betsoft provides have improved substantially: nowhere is this more visible than through the redesigned Client Area.

With a working title of ‘Designed and made for you’, the client is kept firmly at the centre of things. The new Client Area delivers a highly efficient and user friendly portal for all the assets that clients need to access regularly, including demos, artpacks and documentation. Everything that will simplify, speed up and generally make life easier and projects flow more smoothly is in one, easy to access space.

Innovation in gamification

As an industry benchmark for quality slot design, Betsoft has also launched its first, in-game promo tool with real time gamification.

The customisable tool – Take the Prize™ – was created to add significantly to the overall player experience in iGaming, increase player engagement and minimise attrition while providing significant KPIs for future developments. Betsoft also ensured that, as a visually high impact product, Take the Prize™ is especially mobile friendly and compatible across all devices.

Keeping your edge in a saturated market

With a long standing reputation for powerful, story led releases with signature features, all delivered with humour and panache, Betsoft sets a high bar. Quality over quantity has always been the ethos. More than 20 recent releases all showcase the Betsoft signature style and design. However, innovations including expanded feature buy-in mechanics, win multiplier features and screen orientation analysis and implementation, in addition to greater volatility and higher RTP have given players a whole new set of reasons to choose Betsoft’s releases.

Signing over 30 new partnerships clearly indicates that Betsoft has not just understood what players and operators want but is pre-empting trends and creating demand. The opening of newly regulated markets in the Netherlands and Belgium has further exposed the Betsoft brand to a wider player base through the major operators in both countries.

Inculcating a positive staff culture

As they say in all the best acceptance speeches “We couldn’t have done it without you”, and that sums up the Betsoft internal culture.

An influx of new staff – many of whom were onboarded online – could have been chaotic but slick systems were put in place to keep both new and existing staff supported and informed. This, in turn, is reflected in the way clients are treated and how Betsoft is perceived as a valued supplier.

Improved customer service standards and continuous measurement and review of KPIs have led to further innovation in product delivery and high staff morale. Through measures including reviewed working conditions, hardware and software upgrades, internal promotions and improved work benefits – both financial and wellbeing – Betsoft has ensured a cohesive and positive environment for an energetic, committed and talented team – with the results speaking for themselves.

Social Media Boost

With opportunities for personal meetings and industry conventions being severely limited over the last two years, a dedicated, cross-platform, social media push has led to significant growth opportunities. As engagement levels have consistently grown, the company has been able to invest further in raising brand awareness of both the business and its products.

A social media strategy to provide news, update info, converse, entertain and advise is in place to give Betsoft a stronger voice. Using its multiple social platforms to share information and create connections, Betsoft has seen engagement and viewing numbers skyrocket. Now, with plans well underway for a new website and more in-game tools in development, the future is looking very bright for the Betsoft family.

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