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Betsoft Gaming and Mr-Gamble Partnership Ushers in New Era Communications’ Strategy

Betsoft Gaming and Mr-Gamble Partnership Ushers in New Era Communications’ Strategy

Betsoft Gaming is one of the world’s leading iGaming content providers with a reputation for innovation and a trophy cabinet of awards. Erik Köhler, Marketing Manager for Betsoft Gaming is determined to keep it that way. Working with affiliates who invest in product and build brands through innovative new platforms and channels is always of interest to him. It is a driving force in his strategy to keep Betsoft Gaming at the fore. Mr-Gamble, the rising casino affiliate superstar from Finland, is looking to revolutionise affiliate business through significant integrations between many services, but without ever compromising on the quality of its offering. As such, a partnership between the two is a perfect fit.

Streaming channels, such as Twitch, are somewhere both companies have homed in on as a rewarding new platform for player engagement. Since its launch in 2011 and acquisition by Amazon in 2014, Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers has gone from strength to strength. Its current iteration is responsible for changing game marketing through being a truly direct and interactive conduit for its players. Developers have access to clear and consistent lines of interaction with their audiences through Twitch affiliates who act as brand ambassadors.

Recent figures suggest that more than 15 million visitors tune in daily to Twitch, with around 1.4 million online concurrently at any one time. It would seem to be a pretty important place to be in 2020, so Betsoft Gaming’s latest collaboration with Mr-Gamble is clearly perfect timing for the two companies.

According to Jonas Kyllönen, CMO and Co-Founder of Mr-Gamble, integrity is the best way to engage with Twitch’s audience. As an exciting new challenger brand, Mr-Gamble has invested considerable time, effort and money to create a truly engaging offer for the player. Unsurprisingly, its Twitch channel became the most viewed in Finland within six months of start up. 

As Jonas himself says: ‘Having your own social live community is the best way to spend time online. Twitch, as a social media platform, is amazing for connecting streamers with viewers who want quality, so we are really delighted to partner with Betsoft. Big gaming providers are always a joy to work with; they deliver great variety in exciting casino slot games for the audience. We have excellent knowledge of casino streaming and, we believe, we know the most innovative ways to present new, high-quality slot games. We are confident that while SEO and PPC will remain lynchpins of casino affiliate marketing, Twitch is a significant streaming platform to communicate from and communication is key.’

Streaming services are about more than just technology; they are about cultivating and empowering a community of fans and creators. Through accessing Betsoft’s immersive and engaging casino slot games on Mr-Gamble’s Twitch channel, iGaming fans can enjoy the action in real-time. Betsoft’s portfolio of award winning games, such as Max Quest: Wrath of Ra; the Oriental themed Red Dragon series or heist capers such as Take the Bank are huge draws for iGamers, whether experienced players looking for big wins or newcomers looking for fun. Betsoft prides itself on its insightful and relevant communication with its clients and is anticipating drawing in a whole new fan base through Mr-Gaming.

Betsoft’s trademark cinematic animation quality is the industry’s benchmark and a significant contributory factor to the company’s highly regarded reputation. Latest releases Mystic Hive, The Hive and Quest to the West all guarantee the same visual quality and great gameplay. Erik Köhler sums up the ethos of the new deal saying: ‘Betsoft fans and players, quite rightly, expect a lot from us. It is why they remain loyal and we acknowledge that we must always deliver. Working with game changers like Mr-Gamble and Twitch ensures that we keep this promise through constantly innovating and entertaining our audience. We are in the entertainment business after all.’

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