3D Slots

An Introduction to 3D Slots

When it comes to online casino games, 3D slots are without a doubt, the most popular category. While classic virtual table games like blackjack and baccarat continue to attract the attention of seasoned casino enthusiasts the world over, slots are steadily gaining market share because they are popular even among players for whom gambling isn’t a familiar activity.

The igaming industry is growing exponentially year over year, spanning multiple demographics, numerous geographical areas, not to mention a great wealth of languages and cultures. As more new operators enter the industry, the competition has become exceedingly fierce.

Traditionally, many online wagering portals and casino sites sought exclusively to win the attention of veteran casino enthusiasts, by offering these avid players the thrill and excitement of playing at a bricks and mortar casino, from the comfort and convenience of their own home. The market was dominated by virtual versions of traditional table games, classic three reel slots and, only later, grew to include live casino, which features human dealers and real time action.

Nevertheless, as the online casino industry has evolved, so has the bricks and mortar business that spawned the igaming business to begin with. With the advent of ever more sophisticated 3D computer graphics, high definition displays, and advanced digital technologies, 5 reel virtual slots have become commonplace on the floors of world’s most popular casinos. Offering dazzling visual effects, bonus rounds, jaw-dropping animation and awe-inspiring soundtracks, these games have made the three reel coin slots of old all but irrelevant.

Betsoft Leads The Market in the Production of Cinematic Online 3D Slots

Just over a decade ago, Betsoft sprang onto the market offering a different kind of gaming product. Over the course of its short but fruitful history, our company has sinced earned a name for itself as one the world’s most reputable and well renowned online 3D slots producers on earth. Our reputation is due, in chief, to the fantastic quality of the products we produce, many of which have become the favorites of players throughout numerous market sectors and locations. Betsoft’s 3D slots offer the excitement of a trip to the cinema and provide digital experiences than blow simple slots games out of the water, with regards to both entertainment value and aesthetics . Players, both young and old, so enjoy Betsoft 3D Slots because they are, simply put, better than any other slots games available on today’s market.

With the help of the industry’s, most talented creative directors, artists, designers, developers and engineers, we’ve created a collection of enthralling 3D slots experiences that continuously engage and excite users. Year of over year we add to this inventory, making our platform increasingly profitable for our operators and ever more attractive for their clientele.

Exit Flash enter ShiftTM Platform

As both the bricks and mortar casino industry as well as igaming business have progressed and changed, so too has the technology used to create and play slots games shifted from almost exclusively Adobe FlashTM based platforms, to mobile first systems, based primarily on HTML5 and CSS3. This evolution has been due primarily to the growing prevalence of mobile and portable devices, which no longer support FlashTM. Nevertheless, one of the greatest challenges faced by 3D slots developers has been effectively using these emerging technologies to produce cinematic quality games, complete with three dimensional characters, movie quality soundtracks and audio effects; as well as fast paced action and high quality, high definition animation.

Adobe FlashTM didn’t become the leading online technology by mistake. It was the first technology to offer numerous advantages to game developers, including the ability to add backend logic to complex frontend animated game screens that featured rich, colorful graphics. Using the Adobe suite, graphic artists, game designers, 3D modelers, animators and game developers could work together to produce fantastic products. 3D slots were the fruit of this technology, however, the growth of the mobile segment sunsequently led to its downfall.

Betsoft was one of the first companies to offer 3D slots that were comparable to similar desktop products under the Slots3TM and ToGoTM product lines. These offerings feature some of our most popular and best converting games, which have been specifically modified and optimized for mobile players.

While providing products specially designed for users of mobile operating systems such as Android and IOS is a step in the right direction, we realized fairly early on that it wouldn’t be enough to adapt Flash based games for mobile devices. That’s why we developed ShiftTM Platform, a truly revolutionary product offering that combines the best of both worlds – mobile games, built for desktop users. This is truly a giant leap forward in the world of igaming because it facilitates the creation of fully responsive websites that serve the needs of all players, regardless of their viewing preferences or device type. At last, we’ve made fully responsive HTML5 based 3D slots available to both desktop and mobile users!

3D Casino Slots: An Effective Crossover Strategy for IGaming Operators

Crossing over is a term that is thrown around rather lightly in our industry. We’ve seen sports wagering operators achieve their goals by converting sports betting enthusiasts into avid online casino fanatics, and we’ve also seen many players cross over from one game type to another, frequently moving from brand to brand or operator to operator. The greatest challenge however, is to get new players interested in online slots.

3D slots offer the perfect opportunity to attract fresh recruits, because they combine all the thrill and excitement of non-casino based online games, with a wagering component. What better way to grow a business than to acquire customers that are already interested in products similar to yours? Online gamers are a huge market segment that is growing every day; one with huge purchasing power and nearly unlimited potential.

We have no doubt that as this segment grows, we’ll see more and more of its users cross over into the world of igaming, as they discover the thrill, excitement and potential winnings available to them through 3D slot games. It is for this reason that we continue to break through boundaries and explore new horizons, producing games that feature elements we know will attract these types of users. A qualified pool of unparalleled talent, combined with outstanding market research and a wealth of hard experience has allowed us to grow our offering with this target demographic specifically in mind. In so doing, we continue contribute to the world’s ever increasing number of online 3D slots and casino enthusiasts, while simultaneously improving the bottom lines of our growing customer base.