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The Shift Platform

Betsoft Gaming is proud to announce their latest iGaming innovation: The Shift™ Platform. The Shift™ Platform leverages Betsoft’s industry-leading expertise in HTML5 development, into a next generation platform for Desktop gaming.

What is Shift™?

Shift™ is Betsoft Gaming’s new desktop games platform. It is the framework upon which Betsoft’s amazing games are built. Leveraging the latest advancements in HTML5, Shift™ simplifies development and deployment of games as there are no longer separate Desktop (Flash) and Mobile (HTML5) versions. The result is a simpler, faster, and more secure system for both Players and Operators alike. Here are some of the benefits of the new Shift™ Platform:

Ready for the Future

As support for Adobe’s Flash Player reaches its end of life, a new solution will be required to ensure that desktop players can continue to enjoy their favorite games, as well as new releases. The Shift™ platform is based entirely in HTML5, and relies on no 3rd party plugins, while still allowing for the amazing gameplay and graphics for which Betsoft is renowned. HTML5 is a global standard that every computer and mobile device supports, and as new standards and technologies emerge, the Shift™ platform can be extended to leverage them.

Better Security

3rd Party Browser plugins remain one of the most commonly used attack vectors for compromising every-day users’ computers. The Shift™ platform runs natively on any supporting web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox for example) without the need for any 3rd party plugins, meaning there’s less to maintain, and less avenues for attack.

Better Compatibility

HTML5 is natively supported on all popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and will also be supported for the foreseeable future. All that’s required is a modern web browser and a working internet connection. There are no plug-ins to install or update, resulting in less support resources required by Operators.

Optimized Performance

Betsoft’s Shift™ Platform uses an all-new animation engine that runs at a much faster speed than the original Flash platform. All of the vivid graphics that make Betsoft Games so popular now run at a much higher frame-rate, resulting in exquisitely smooth animations, more than twice what was possible in Flash.

Even Faster Load times

Load times are absolutely crucial, as no player likes staring at a loading screen. With over 50 – is it now over 60? amazing mobile releases in its ToGo catalogue, Betsoft has some of the most experienced HTML5 developers in the industry. Our expertise in the Mobile sector, where every bit of data and every millisecond is a precious commodity, enables Betsoft to ensure that its games are optimized to load as fast as possible.  The Shift™ platform supports progressive downloading, which enables the game to start as soon as it is playable, instead of waiting for all assets to download, even those which aren’t used immediately.

Ease of Deployment

Betsoft’s Shift™ platform will not require any modification to any existing integration, and loading the games follows the same procedures as with their other games. No action will be need to be taken by Operators to start enjoying the benefits of the Shift™ platform.

Legacy Support

There’s no need to worry about backwards combability either, as Betsoft will continue to offer their previous Flash offerings for the foreseeable future, ensuring that players with older machines can still continue to play their favorite games.

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Desktop Games

Our desktop games are second to none, and it’s easy to see why. Our dedication to creating the best iGaming content in the industry led us to develop the groundbreaking Slots3™ collection of true 3D video slots. This brilliantly crafted interactive series of cinematic games is the most widely known and ambitious collection of video slots created to date.

Slots3™ is defined by richly vivid, true 3D cinematic graphics and animations. With a wide range of themes designed to appeal to the broadest section of players, this unparalleled suite of iGaming entertainment is guaranteed to drive high levels of traffic to your casino site.

Slots3™ Arcade – We created a truly unique slots gaming experience by focusing on high-impact and fast gameplay. These games are designed for high value players who prefer rapid action and multiple exciting chances for large potential winnings!

Slots3™ Interactive – the pinnacle of iGaming evolution! For the first time, players can be truly immersed in a discrete fantastical world where their choices impact the flow of the game’s story. The complex features in a Slots3™ Interactive game are broadly appealing to today’s players, combining concepts and functionality from modern console video games with the tried and true video slot to create an entirely new product that is defining the future of iGaming entertainment.

Our wide array of premiere table games, including such classic favorites as Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack, among others, are built to bring the very best of the land-based gaming experience to the player. We provide multiple varieties of poker to offer something exciting for everyone’s tastes, from Texas Hold’em to Caribbean Poker.

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Mobile Games

Amazing games in the palm of your hand! Our ToGo™ line of mobile games brings the best of BETSOFT to your handheld device! As the market expands and portable iGaming becomes more popular, we are proud to offer this ever-growing collection of our Slots3™ hits modified for the tiny screen. Optimized for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices, ToGo™ games retain all the quality and detail of the original desktop versions while sacrificing nothing to bring your players the finest mobile games in the market.

Our stunning ToGo™ games are carefully reengineered for optimal mobile performance, with their functionality and presentation enhanced for handheld devices. And we are always adding to the list of available games!

Mini Games

Sometimes, a little taste of an old favorite is exactly what your players are craving. We are pleased to offer several Mini Games, including Blackjack, Lucky Seven, High Low and even one of our most popular Slots3™ titles – Mr. Vegas! These tiny versions of classic casino favorites can be integrated into your website or application with ease.

Other Products

Experience the excitement of the track without ever leaving your home! Our Virtual Racebook 3D is an amazing, true-to-life 3D horse racing simulator that will thrill your players with its realism and elegance. By utilizing the same cutting edge compression technologies used in our Slots3™ suite of true 3D games, players will experience almost zero load time while witnessing full-motion, cinematic horse races on which they can place a variety of bets.

Poker3™ is a flash based Heads-Up Texas Hold’em Poker game that features lightning fast gameplay and wraps it up in the most visually immersive presentation that you have to see to believe!

Poker3™ is the world’s first and only poker game that features true 3D cinematic graphics. No other poker game offers the same level of quality brought to you by Poker3™. We’ve consulted with some of the world’s best online poker players to craft a user experience and interface that is so intuitive and so easy to use that any player of any experience level can immediately run the application and start playing.


This extension to our casino solutions optimizes our current platform, allowing you to deliver our stunning, top-tier games to a physical environment, such as an Internet café. With this system, players may pay for a one-time account and gain access to an authorized Betcafé computer for playing. The games, including our iconic Slots3™ collection of true 3D video slots, are played on standard PCs in public places including resorts, hotel chains and any Internet café.

In addition to Betcafé’s refined player interface, we have also optimized our comprehensive management and administration package, the Casino Manager, making it the perfect partner for your BetCaféGaming system.

To learn more about our BetCaféGaming product, please contact us at

We also offer many varieties of Keno and other popular Lottery games, time honored staples of the casino catalog and beloved around the world!

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Professional Support

Our friendly team of Account Managers and Customer Support staff is always prepared to help your operation achieve and maintain success. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to cheerfully assist with your needs and questions, custom tailored to your specifications. We are happy to provide translations for our complete suite of games, as requested, and our highly talented art team is standing by to assist you with marketing campaigns, creating customized artwork and valuable tools to increase player interest and traffic to your site.

Casino Manager

At the heart of our vast collection of superior games is our proprietary Casino Manager, a state-of-the-art management and administration package that is designed to be fully modular and customizable to suit your operation. Much more than a simple reporting tool, the Casino Manager keeps your gaming site organized and operating smoothly, providing many different tools and reports to streamline your day-to-day administrative and support tasks. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing your support staff to concentrate on the job of managing your players and minimizing your operating costs.

Comprehensive usability reviews in real-life situations have guided the design and implementation of our Casino Manager software, resulting in the most complete and powerful game reporting and administration system available anywhere.

Our Casino Manager features an entirely web-based interface to simplify administrator access. Designed from the ground up as a secure, high availability back-office system for your gaming applications, it is both expandable and user friendly. Management, marketing and reporting functionality is extensive and GAAP compliant, with built-in facilities for multi-currency, third party audits and regulatory reporting. Some of the key functionality of the system is detailed below.

Financial Reporting

Intelligently designed financial reporting greatly reduces the amount of time required to generate common reports, with integrated controls allowing the data to be sub-analyzed into appropriate periods as necessary. With almost all data in the reports hotlinked to important associated information, fine detail is always just a click away. All reports can be dumped to a local spreadsheet or database compatible file for further analysis as required. Built in auto-reconciliation controls between the main transactional and game databases ensure data consistency and immediately highlight potential issues for prompt resolution.

Game Reporting

Game reporting recognizes that different situations require different types of reports. Comprehensive real time reporting is provided by game or player, by summary, session-by-session and detailed event-by-event basis. Automatic Game Auditing provides real-time statistical analysis of individual game results and highlights. Detailed player game history reporting provides both a text-based and graphical representation of game state for every play, making player dispute or query resolution both quick and easy.

Alert System

Casino Manager features an event-driven engine, with events displayed in a real-time administrator customizable alert log, with optional visible and audio alarms. Support administrators are alerted of significant occurrences as they happen. As with all reporting, drill-down detail behind any alert is a click away. Alert technology combines with ease of reporting to maximize support efficiency and allow administrators to focus on gaming site management.

Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a full back-office demonstration!

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BETSOFT’s online gaming solutions allow for easy and complete integration and solutions for any casino operator. These options include the complete customization of your product as well as integration with any preexisting system, such as a sportsbook or poker room. Following are some of the major integration models we offer:

Sub-casino Extension

This powerful extension allows a single Casino Manager system to manage a number of completely separate gaming sites. Each sub-casino site can have its own customized games, marketing, payment system interfaces and affiliate programs. The sub-casino back-office features enhanced access control profiles, making it quick and easy to control administrator reporting and data access on either a master or sub-casino basis. This minimizes the need for multiple back-ends to find all of the information for all of your players throughout all of your casinos.

Sportsbook / Master Database Integration

The Sportsbook extension allows the Casino Manager back-office databases and functionality to integrate with third-party systems, including sportsbooks, other gaming sites and even land-based operations. The interface uses simple standards-based protocols for ease of integration.

The Master Database extension allows the Casino Manager back-office to integrate with existing player databases. Only essential required data will be passed to the gaming system over the secure protocol, maintaining onfidentiality of player data. This makes it easy to augment your existing operations with any BETSOFT GAMING platform, with minimal disruption to business.

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